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Penile trauma, Corpora cavernosa rupture

How does a penile fracture happen?

Penile fracture occurs as a result of direct trauma, while the penis is erect during vigorous intercourse. Normally it occurs when the couple is on the member or in masturbation.

There is a rupture of the tunica albuginea (connective tissue or fibrous sheath on the penis) and a cracking noise is often heard. Extravasation (filtration) of the blood occurs to the bodily bodies.

How to know if I have a fractured penis?

  • History of trauma during intercourse or masturbation
  • Magnetic resonance
  • Ecografía del pene

Penile fracture symptoms

Sudden creaking.
Detumescence during intercourse.
The corpus cavernosum defect can occasionally be palpated.
Delimited hematoma at the base of the penis (eggplant sign).
If Buck’s fascia (deep layer that covers the erectile bodies of the penis) is ruptured, the hematoma may extend into the lower abdominal wall.

How treat penile fracture?

  • Surgical
  • Conservative treatment (observation) is not recommended since the hematoma can originate and as a result leave a fibrous plaque in the corpus cavernosum and cause erectile dysfunction

Medical procedure for penile fracture

Penile exploration: It is used to drain the hematoma, localize the injury and repair it in the corpus cavernosum. Preoperative flexible ureteroscopy: If ureteral injury is suspected.


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